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Our Story

Since 1968 we’ve been helping our clients grow their brands by providing deeper insights into needs, wants, desires and communications effectiveness. We offer a unique Predictive Brand Growth Framework™ with a suite of products featuring linked measures that are rooted in research of a brand's Foundation & Purpose, followed by Targeting & Positioning, Screening & Development, Modeling & Forecasting, and ultimately Tracking & Feedback.  Our process features a philosophy and consistent metrics based on our US Patented, ISO (International Standards Organization) mentioned, MASB (Marketing Accountability Standards Board) certified and independently sales-validated measures of CCPreference™, CCPersuasion™ and Customer Acquisition Forecast™.

MSW's methodologies are proven to be the most predictive and validated to marketplace sales outcomes available in the industry.

Our Approach & What We Believe

We believe that successful brands deliver relevant, differentiated brand promises built around consumer needs that lead to emotional attachment to the brand. MSW Research supports the fundamental premise that consumer behavior regarding a brand is predictable. Our sales-validated marketing metrics predict market outcomes.

Us in Numbers


Continuous years proudly serving our clients


US Patents:

Brand Preference™ 


Outlook® Media Planner



Correlation of MSW's Brand Preference™ to in-market sales


Accuracy of MSW Persuasion™ over standard purchase interest questions


of Forbes 100 served

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ISO, the International Standards Organization in ISO 20671-1, titled Brand Evaluation – Principles and Fundamentals, states that MSW's Brand Preference measure, as defined by MASB and the Universal Marketing Dictionary...

“Brand Preference is a cornerstone metric in measuring Brand Evaluation and Brand Valuation.”

The Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) said...

“MSW’s copy testing system, TouchPoint™, provides quantitative prediction of the likelihood and magnitude of ad impact on future sales volume and market share.”

Quirk’s said…

​​“MSW has been validated to actual business results more than any other advertising measurement in the business.”

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