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MSW / Keen Partnership

MSW and Keen have come together in a partnership that brings together best in class solutions, leveraging our respective capabilities to inform and build additional insights and improve brand performance.
Specifically, we have teamed up so that Keen utilizes MSW data (copy testing / tracking data) to inform and refine the already powerful, Keen MIDA (Marketing Investment Decision Analysis) platform.   

MIDA puts decision-making power at your fingertips, enabling you to war game novel scenarios to optimize your marketing mix to achieve your business goals in real time.

Advanced algorithms calculate marginal ROI (mROI) for every channel and week to determine each channel’s profit threshold and anticipated return. MIDA also assigns a risk factor based on the likelihood to achieve the desired outcome:

  1. Optimize a fixed budget

  2. Maximize revenue

  3. Maximize long-term profitability(measured by net present value, NPV)

  4. Or, solve for a leading indicator such as household penetration or foot traffic.

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