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Child Research Services

Child Research Services, a pioneer in children’s consumer research, was founded more than 40 years ago.  Since that time, we have surveyed thousands of children, teens and parents with methodologies that range from foundational research such as attitude and usage studies, early-stage concept and message testing, communications research (television, print, high-impact digital) and product testing, as well as in-market assessment with Brand health and advertising tracking.


Our children’s approaches fit within the MSW Predictive Brand Growth Framework.  But designs are developed specifically for children and the range of cognitive abilities that this broad audience represents; they are not adult approaches in disguise.

MSW's Predictive Brand Growth Framework™

MSW's Predictive Brand Growth Framework™ is a process of connected, proven and sales-validated metrics and in-depth diagnostic measures that delivers a balanced approach to insights and aligns with each stage of your brand development cycle.


Designed to be used collectively at every stage of the process or independently at any step along the way.


Included are MSW's Patented, independently certified, sales validated measures of CCPreference™, CCPersuasion™ and Customer Acquisition Forecast™, it is the most accurate, proven and independently validated approach to identifying short-term sales and long-term equity for your brand.  

MSW Brand Growth Framework Whole.jpg

Examples of Child Research capabilities within MSW Predictive Brand Growth Framework:  

MSW Brand Growth Framework F&P.jpg

Foundation & Purpose

A&U Decoder - Provides a 360 Perspective from the Youth Market point of view.  Designed to answer the 5Ws…

  • Who is buying?

  • What are they buying?

  • Where are they buying?

  • When are they buying?

  • Why do they choose what they do?

MSW Brand Growth Framework T&P.jpg

Targeting & Positioning

Child And Parent Studies (CAPS)

  • Used to guide product, media, and promotion decisions for established products.

  • To evaluate the viability and shape the development of new product concepts.

  • To determine the relative importance of the child and parent as target segments.

MSW Brand Growth Framework S&D.jpg

Screening & Development

KID*COM – A normatively based, comprehensive communications assessment system developed for children.  


Developed to evaluate advertising from early-stage concept and message testing to fully finished executions of all touch points: TV, Digital, Print.

MSW Brand Growth Framework M&F.jpg

Modeling & Forecasting

MSW tools to determine optimum customer

acquisition, ad flighting, channel selection

and media allocation can be used with

Child Research Services techniques.


Inputs from CAPS are used to develop

optimal product lines through TURF analysis. 

MSW Brand Growth Framework T&F.jpg

Tracking & Feedback

A suite of customizable tracking

capabilities which cover advertising

performance through brand equity

tracking.   Developmental levels of children

are considered in the questionnaire design and

metrics.  Consistent with our general approach

to tracking, we employ visual aids such as

photo brand lists, de-branded actual ad

content and visual scales.

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