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Delivering Predictive Brand Growth

the most accurate, proven and independently validated approach to identifying short-term sales and long-term brand equity.  

MSW is a 53 year young, full-service market research agency specializing in A&U, Segmentation, Concept Screening, Ad Development, Ad Evaluation, Modeling, Forecasting, and Tracking. 

We have organized our products to address a common refrain we hear from marketers - “it’s difficult and inefficient moving from one project to the next and nearly impossible to build cumulative knowledge using different suppliers and metrics.  There’s no consistency”.


MSW's Predictive Brand Growth Framework™ is a proven process of consistently applied measures and techniques that aligns with each stage of your brand development process.  It is the most accurate, proven, independently validated and certified approach to identifying how to grow short-term sales and build long-term equity for your brand.    

Designed to be used collectively at every stage of the process or independently at any step along the way.

Included are MSW's proven measures:


  • CCPreference™

  • CCPersuasion™

  • Fair Share™

  • Customer Acquisition Forecast™

  • Outlook® Media Mix Optimization & Market Share Forecast Model™

Advertising Research

Copy Testing 

Advertising Tracking

MSW Brand Growth Framework Whole.jpg

MSW's methodologies are proven to be the most predictive and validated to marketplace sales outcomes available in the industry.

Quirk’s said…

“MSW has been validated to actual business results more than any other advertising measurement in the business.”


And the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) said...


“MSW’s copy testing system, TouchPoint™, provides quantitative prediction of the likelihood and magnitude of ad impact on future sales volume and market share.”

MSW Research Facts


continuous years in business

a feat we’re pretty

proud of

US Patents:


Brand Preference™ (#US8160918B1)


Outlook® Media Planner


Patents of any kind are extremely rare in the research field…

we have 2

correlation of MSW's Brand Preference™

 to in-market sales

no other metric in the industry comes close
accuracy of MSW Persuasion™ over standard purchase interest questions
again, no other metric in the industry comes close
percent of Forbes 100 served
trusted by the top companies around the world
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