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We’re the leader in applying predictive research to brand growth.

That's a nice sentence but what does it mean?


We have a proven track record of helping our clients grow their brands.


We’re action oriented and are proven to produce results for our clients.

Predictive Research

We have proven independently validated measures and techniques.

Brand Growth

For clients that partner with us brand growth looks like an increase in MSW's measure of Customer Commitment Brand Preference that results in:

  • Increased penetration – winning new customers

  • Increased loyalty – retaining existing customers

  • Increased profitability and ROI – the ability to command a price premium

  • Increased ROI – higher quality creative that works harder for each media dollar spent

What we do

We offer bespoke research utilizing our established, proven and marketplace validated services and techniques to address individual client needs.


We partner with our clients and deliver actionable insights in the areas of: Foundation & Purpose, Targeting & Positioning, Screening & Development, Modeling & Forecasting, Tracking & Feedback through our Predictive Brand Growth Framework™.

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MSW's Predictive Brand Growth Framework™ is a proven process of consistently applied measures and techniques that aligns with each stage of your brand development process.  It is the most accurate, proven, independently validated and certified approach to identifying how to grow short-term sales and build long-term equity for your brand.    

Designed to be used collectively at every stage of the process or independently at any step along the way.

VP Brand Insights

American Manufacturer and Global Leader in Their Category


In their own words, this is how this VP Brand of Insights explained to their internal team why they moved their brand tracking to MSW…

​"What we are gaining from the move is a holistic view into Brand Equity, looking at both... 

  • The aspects that impact “Long-Term Brand Health”, and

  • The in-market variables that have an impact on consumers’ choice of a brand

...which provides actionable guidance into what we could potentially be doing to improve brand health.

We also get… 

  • MSW’s “Brand Preference” ... the methodology is built around Brand Preference, which is validated to be the metric that explains market share the best.

  • A better Purchase Funnel technique; that digs deeper into “Awareness” to uncover consumer sentiment towards the brand

  • A better “relationship” model; the MSW Brand Franchise Analysis looks at one of eight relationships for every brand in the category"

“The product has achieved a take rate at what I would consider directly in line with the numbers expected from the review.  These are preliminary based on orders, but sales figures appear to be trending toward 102% of forecast. Additionally, where we have direct sales numbers on the second line of products, due to their early release to market.  We are running within seven percentage points of forecast and that variance can be shown to be directly attributable to material shortages.  Once those shortage periods are balanced, I would consider this to be a dead on match to forecast. So once again, thank you for the attention to detail to pull out directly actionable information for a new product category.  It has been of value far beyond the cost.”



Home Improvement / Durable Goods Company

Chief Innovation Officer

Top Tier Financial Services Firm


“…and who can I tell that you are “rock stars?”  As the Chief Innovation Office, I don’t think a bit of praise up the chain would hurt.  I do believe the analysis, thoughtfulness, responsiveness, and overall partnership like mindset have been GREAT.  In particular, your candor on the findings was extremely affinity building and makes me a 10 on the net promoter scale.”

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