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Insight Rabbit - MSW's DIY Research Platform

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We believe you shouldn’t have to settle for “good enough”, “fast and cheap” or the old “quality, speed, price – pick two out of three” scenario… we believe you should have it ALL: Best in Class Research Methodologies in an easy to use, fast, affordable fully automated DIY research platform.

A simple and intuitive interface that enables you to program a survey in a few minutes and get results in 24 hours for a price that can’t be beat and dashboard deliverables that exceed expectations.

Insight Rabbit is powered by MSW Research and backed by 50 years of research experience, normative data and the most trusted, accurate and independently validated methodologies available.

We utilize the latest in AI, Machine Learning and Meta Data to ensure your sample, research, data and insights are of the highest quality.     Advertising Research Copy Testing Advertising Tracking


Set up a survey in just a few minutes.


The most trusted and accurate methodologies available anywhere; online DIY or full service.


Do It Yourself or we Do It For You – same price.


Have results in 24 hours (in most cases). Faster results mean faster insights.


Beautifully designed automated dashboard that allows you to easily share results.


Contact us at to speak to one of our experienced researchers.


Less expensive than every other comparable online option available.


Preset survey templates that still allow customization based on your specific needs and objectives.

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