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4 KEY EMOTIONS that drive Employee Engagement

How to Engage Employees by Fostering Positive Emotions

MSW●ARS Research recently conducted a study on behalf of Dale Carnegie Traini ng’s® 100th Anniversary regarding employee engagement that helps to answer a question many businesses ask today: how to engage employees? Utilizing MSW●ARS’ Apostle™ research technique we found that emotions are some of the main drivers of engagement. In any organization’s employee engagement strategy, emotions are important indicators of the current level of engagement. Emotions such as enthusiasm, inspiration, empowerment and confidence can engage employees, and the presence of at least three can indicate an engaged employee. Organizations can work to foster these emotions as part of their employee engagement strategy by improving the relationships employees have with managers and senior leaders. For over 100 years, Dale Carnegie Training has worked to empower organizations, teams and individuals, and this research can help improve your strategy for employee engagement. For more information on how to engage employees, read the infographic below on the emotional drivers of engagement!

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