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The Alternative to the Post-Cookie World – creative is king once again

Smart cookie-blocking technology led by Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) and Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) now block third-party cookies by default, and even Google’s Chrome will soon get controls that let consumers block cookies. Browser-level blocking, third-party ad-blocking apps, and new regulations like GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are quickly relegating the old cookie to the internet dustbin.

Most digital marketing plans are built upon the use of personalized targeting enabled by cookies.  To enable these, companies will have to disclose every specific, possible use of their information by marketers.  Marketers are either going to obtain this opt-in on a narrowly defined use basis, or, form very specific consumer panels, or not pursue obtaining it at all to spare the risk involved.  One lawsuit in California for misuse could bankrupt a company.

While there are various digital techniques that do not require cookies that will be used, the consensus from those on the front lines is:

  1. ​Privacy first in all creative development, delivery and measurement

  2. ​Relevance without being personal (and creepy)

  3. ​Engaging targets (there are messages that you won’t have to micro-target to be relevant)

  4. ​Ad environments will become more important

  5. ​Effective reach will be a critical measure

  6. ​Good measurement, probabilistic models (rather than individual cookies) complemented by strong planning. (‘Everything old is new again’ stated by more than one panelist).

  7. ​Testing creative is a must

  8. ​Set a high bar for creative ads

  9. ​Content is where the focus will be

MSW provides an alternative to a post-cookie world…

  1. ​Test content before going to market

  2. ​Effective creative enables you to be relevant without targeting each individual

  3. ​Targeting research will be more critical than ever to successful creative

  4. ​MSW has unique measurement and analytic tools to develop your segments, targets and positioning

  5. No advertising campaign can be created without a strong foundation in these three areas

  6. Our probabilistic models are predictive and validated

  7. Our accompanying models are build to include effective reach

  8. Our models recognize various ad environments and platforms

Contact us today and let’s talk about the implications for your brand in a Post-Cookie world.

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