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| The Brand Strength Monitor / RDE Chart of the Week | Hotels

MSW’s RDE Analytic Framework rests on a study that found that three equity dimensions (Relevance, Differentiation, Emotion) are responsible for driving a significant portion of brand growth.  Our ongoing Chart of the Week series is dedicated to sharing RDE results for a variety of categories. 

If you have questions about your category or want your own Chart of the Week – give us a call.

TBSM / RDE Assessment of 8 mid-range hotel brands among over 800 male and female users of hotel services led to the following insights:

  1. Courtyard by Marriott leads all brands in terms of both RDE composite and brand preference, followed by Hilton Garden for both metrics.  As mid-plus properties, it makes sense that they have the highest levels of both Differentiation and Emotion versus all other brands studied (Hyatt Place is also mid-plus but is likely constrained overall by a relatively low number of locations).

  2. In addition, Courtyard, Hilton Garden and Hyatt Place are each particularly strong in terms of RDE among heavy and moderate hotel services users.  In contrast, Holiday Inn Express is the overall RDE composite leader among light hotel services users.

  3. Holiday Inn Express is the lone brand for which Relevance is the strongest of the three RDE dimensions.  This is likely due to the chain’s very large number of locations.

  4. The contrast between Holiday Inn Express and Holiday Inn is interesting.  Express has a slight lead in Relevance due to its ubiquity.  Moreover, Express holds a much more commanding lead in terms of Differentiation.  This may be due to generally newer properties and perks (free breakfast, free wifi) that differentiate it from Holiday Inn or also its business orientation that would appeal to road warriors.  On the other hand, Holiday Inn holds an advantage in Emotion over Express, possibly due to heritage and also the presence of full-service restaurants, bars and event space.

  5. Fairfield Inn and La Quinta bring up the rear in terms of RDE composite with remarkably similar profiles.  Comparing the two, Fairfield is somewhat stronger among younger people while La Quinta is relatively stronger with 55+.  Fairfield is also stronger in the Northeast, especially in terms of relevance, while LaQuita is relatively stronger among lower income individuals.

  6. The RDE composite is strongly related to brand preference in this category, with a correlation of 0.89.  Hyatt Place exhibits somewhat lower preference than might be expected from its RDE level, likely due to the relatively lower number of properties versus the other brands studied.

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