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Everything we do, we do to drive brand growth.

And, all our solutions are organized in our Predictive Brand Growth Framework™. 

MSW's Predictive Brand Growth Framework™

MSW's Predictive Brand Growth Framework™ is a proven process of consistently applied measures and techniques that aligns with each stage of your brand development process.  It is the most accurate, proven, independently validated and certified approach to identifying how to grow short-term sales and build long-term equity for your brand.    

Designed to be used collectively at every stage of the process or independently at any step along the way.


& Purpose

Techniques designed to establish the building blocks for brand growth; a complete understanding of the customer, category, brand, how they interact and strategic direction that will yield the highest brand growth.


& Positioning

Classify customers by their behavior, needs, wants and desires and narrow in on the those that represent the highest brand growth potential.  Once your target is identified, learn what actionable brand messaging elements are needed to drive brand growth to achieve true brand potential.


& Development

The ONLY advertising development system that predicts the likelihood and magnitude of ad impact on sales volume and market share. Evaluate all touch points, concept to finished. Capture Preference in the minds and hearts of consumers. Patented and validated to actual business results more than any other advertising measurement in the industry.


& Forecasting

More than 50 years of experience built into a patented agile platform that enables scenario based learning and iterative what-if analysis to determine optimum customer acquisition, ad flighting, channel selection and media allocation.


& Feedback

Techniques that capture advertising and environmental impact on brand preference while identifying drivers of and barriers to preference changes across the competitive set.   And, our unique and proven trigger system powers an early warning system and separates true shifts from random noise.

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