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Foundation & Purpose

Establishes the building blocks for brand growth; a complete understanding of the customer, category, brand, how they interact and strategic direction that will yield the highest brand growth.


MSW Qualitative Services

Both in-person and online focus groups to handle all your qualitative needs with moderators experienced in a wide variety of audiences and industries.

MSW Decoder℠ - A&U / Strategy

Develop and refine marketing strategies and tactics using this custom designed approach to meet each clients specific needs and objectives. Areas of investigation can include; customer journey, path to purchase, motivations, brand perception and performance, and more.

MSW BrandEdge℠ -Brand Purpose

A category and brand equity analysis that deconstructs equity into base pillars for marketing planning. It is the first step in our communications development process that includes rational and emotional measurement that’s hard-linked within our brand equity improvement paradigm.

Understand your brands position relative to direct and indirect competitors, as well as your place with regard to mission, vision, core values, niche markets, strengths and weaknesses.

Identify the strongest brand claims/benefits to find those which are worthy of building communications around.

Determine if you have the opportunity to leverage and/or increase existing brand equity by extending or spinning-off your brand.

Explore the interaction between a brand and it's customers over the duration of the relationship.  

Understand your customers' state of mind, complete experience and interaction with every brand touch point they encounter from awareness and need generation to usage and loyalty.

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MSW Brand Growth Framework T&F.jpg
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