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Screening & Development

The ONLY advertising development system that predicts the likelihood and magnitude of ad impact on future sales volume and market share.  We evaluate advertising from early stage concept to fully finished executions of ALL touch points: TV, Print, Radio, Digital, PR, OOH and more.  Our methodology captures the level of Preference that the brand holds in the minds and hearts of consumers, and how this “lifts” from exposure to advertising or other brand communication.  This patented methodology has been validated to actual business results more than any other advertising measurement in the industry.


MSW Sifter℠ - Message / Selling Proposition Testing

Early-stage message /selling proposition testing. 

MSW Prolog℠ - Qual/Quant Creative Development 

Early-stage creative screening/ development tool that provides quantitative assessment and qualitative insights using online focus groups.

MSW TouchPoint℠ - Creative Testing

Sales-validated system that is predictive of advertising's in-market effectiveness. Available for ALL touch points:

     TouchPoint TV™ 

     TouchPoint Print™
     TouchPoint Radio™
     TouchPoint Static Digital™
     TouchPoint Social™     

     TouchPoint Mobile™     

     TouchPoint Digital™

     TouchPoint Campaign™
     TouchPoint On-Demand Videos™
     TouchPoint In-Store Signage™
     TouchPoint Out-of-Home™

     TouchPoint WebEval™

Also available with Eye Tracking and/or Facial Coding.

MSW LandScape℠ - Competitive Creative Environment Testing

Most advertising is for existing brands in competitive categories; Landscape is designed for this. It evaluates the complete performance of your advertising in a competitive context.


Insight Rabbit
MSW's DIY Platform

An easy to use, fast, affordable, fully automated DIY research platform available for a variety of our best-in-class research methodologies, including concept screening, copy testing and tracking.

insight rabbit trans bg.png

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MSW Brand Growth Framework S&D.jpg
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