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Our clients, in their own words...      Advertising Research Copy Testing Advertising Tracking

Debit Card

Top Tier Financial Service firm

“…and who can I tell that you are “rock stars?”  As the Chief Innovation Office, I don’t think a bit of praise up the chain would hurt.  I do believe the analysis, thoughtfulness, responsiveness, and overall partnership like mindset have been GREAT.  In particular, your candor on the findings was extremely affinity building and makes me a 10 on the net promoter scale.”


Chief Innovation Officer

Vegetarian Burger

Leading Fast Casual Restaurant Chain

"The team is very responsive to any changes that I throw at them at the last minute. They are very good at asking questions and making suggestions when things do not look right or when my instructions are inconsistent. It is a great crew. They are a major reason I continue working with MSW."


Director Brand Marketing

Serious Model

Top 50 National Advertiser

"My MSW team is invaluable when the heat is on. We tested 6 TVCs in close proximity and everything was completed without a hitch. This team responded to all our needs including short notice presentations. Thanks very much."


VP Insights & Analytics

Pharmacist Checking Medicine

Leading Pharmaceutical Firm

"You did an excellent job getting the final reports to us quickly and accurately and did an outstanding job presenting the final results not only to our head of marketing but also to our ad agency. The work that you did made all the difference, especially when the results were right at the norms and we were working on a new portfolio of strategies with ever changing needs. Hats off to the team!"


Director, Global Customer & Brand Insights

Sanitizing Products

Multinational Consumer Goods Corporation 

"Thanks - This is my first time using your methodology!


Love the way how you explain the methodology and survey flow 😊

Great presentation and insights!"


Market Insight Manager

Flexible Payment Planning

Financial Services Firm

"We’ve been using MSW for 7 years now and can say that their research validates to in-market sales – when they say what our ads will do in-market we count on that – we plan our business around that."



Laundry Dryer

CPG Company

“Amazing, thanks a lot! I now have everything I need and thank you for offering the Fair Share data at variant level. 


I really liked how smooth the Insight Rabbit process is and how user-friendly the dashboard is, and I really appreciated your on-going support and guidance.


Looking forward to more business cases in the future!.”


Insights Manager

Cosmetic Products

leading Cosmetics Brand

“The copy tests proved that each 1-point increase in CCPersuasion resulted in 0.6% sales increase at retail level.”


VP Brand Insights

Prescription Drugs

Leading DTC Pharmaceutical Firm

"It had been some time since my last DTC TV research. You were very helpful with explanations and very patient with the "to & fro's" multiple stakeholders during questionnaire development finalization."


Vice President Market Research

At the Grocery Shop

Leading CPG Company

"I absolutely love working with MSW. Your level of expertise was invaluable in this very critical advertising research."


'Director Insight & Strategy


Multinational Men's Grooming Brand

"MSW has saved my behind many times - they've been so flexible and understanding of our needs that we've been able to share in-depth and customized learnings with our stakeholders even earlier than expected!"


Senior Manager, Customer Insights


Home improvement / Durable Goods

“The product has achieved a take rate at what I would consider directly in line with the numbers expected from the review.  These are preliminary based on orders, but sales figures appear to be trending toward 102% of forecast. Additionally, where we have direct sales numbers on the second line of products, due to their early release to market.  We are running within seven percentage points of forecast and that variance can be shown to be directly attributable to material shortages.  Once those shortage periods are balanced, I would consider this to be a dead on match to forecast. So once again, thank you for the attention to detail to pull out directly actionable information for a new product category.  It has been of value far beyond the cost.”




American Manufacturer - Global Leader in Their Category

In their own words, this is why one global client moved their tracker to MSW…

"What we are gaining from the move is a holistic view into Brand Equity, looking at both... 

  • The aspects that impact “Long-Term Brand Health”, and

  • The in-market variables that have an impact on consumers’ choice of a brand


...which provides actionable guidance into what we could potentially be doing to improve brand health.


We also get… 

  • MSW’s “Brand Preference” ... the methodology is built around Brand Preference, which is validated to be the metric that explains market share the best.

  • A better Purchase Funnel technique; that digs deeper into “Awareness” to uncover consumer sentiment towards the brand

  • A better “relationship” model; the MSW Brand Franchise Analysis looks at one of eight relationships for every brand in the category"


VP Brand Insights

Dollar Bills

Financial Service Firm

"The testing predicted a 7-8% increased customer count - we achieved 9.2%"


Vice President Marketing Insights and Analytics

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

Famous Toy Brand

"As usual you really came through turning toplines around quickly and always being available throughout a grueling schedule of ad testing. You were able to provide presentations at very short notice which allowed our agencies to meet very short turnaround times and meet network delivery schedules. I would have been lost without them. Thanks."


Senior Consumer and Market Insight Manager

Loading the Washing Machine

Multinational Consumer Goods Corporation 

"Hope this email finds you well. I’m reaching out to let you know that you've been an amazing partner to our business.  

I recently completed my first Insight Rabbit copy test and the service you provided on our tight timeline (over the holidays) was fantastic.


And you did a great job helping me design, execute, and interpret my copy test which enabled a critical business decision for our team.


It is team members like you that make me choose MSW over competitive suppliers."


Senior Market Insight Manager

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