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The “5 CMO Objectives” According to the AMA / Deloitte and How MSW Addresses Each

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The 26th edition of the annual CMO survey conducted in February 2021 for the American Marketing Association by Deloitte, identified that the importance of Marketing had increased during the pandemic.  CMOs said that they were focused on brand building and reported 5 specific “Objectives”.


MSW Research directly addresses each of these “5 CMO Objectives” with unique measurements that enhance your insights process; measurements all founded upon the evidence based, MSW Predictive Brand Growth Marketing Model™. 


The “5 CMO Objectives” are:


  1. Building Brand Value That Connects with Customers

  2. Increasing Awareness

  3. Acquiring New Customers

  4. Retaining Customers

  5. Improving Marketing ROI


Click here to read the full blog post that demonstrates how MSW addresses each of the objectives with,


  1. A Philosophical Framework

  2. Specific Applications/Products/Services, and

  3. Evidenced Based Proof that supports this

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