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Here are the top 5 ways that we improve advertising effectiveness…


CCPersuasion; calibrated to in-market sales. 

So, we can accurately tell clients when advertising needs to be improved, when it doesn’t, which one to air, and with how much weight, which improves campaign effectiveness.


Proprietary Diagnostic Techniques;

such as Persuasion Driver Analyses, Scene-to-Scene, RDE Analytic Framework, CEMB, Brand Franchise Analysis, and more), are used to diagnose what’s working and what’s not, and why, to inform decisions on revision.


Early-Stage Foundation & Purpose Research and Early Stage Screening & Development Research;

perhaps most important is the upstream work that allows us to help identify the most impactful messaging and creative approach before getting into expensive development of finished ads.


Experienced Senior Executive Team;

assigned to each account who understand the metrics and processes and can make actionable recommendations on how to proceed at each step of the process.


Outlook® Media Mix Optimization & Market Share Forecast Model™;

used to plan what to air, how much to allocate, when to refresh and forecast what the result will be.

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