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​Why us?  

Why we should work together 
Better Consultation


Every client relationship is managed by a senior staff member with 10+ years of experience and is supported by an account team that is among the most experienced in the industry. Our staff continually demonstrates the ability to understand and solve the business challenges of our customers and we measure our own success based on the success of our customers.  Additionally, they are knowledgeable not only of MSW Research measures and methodologies but are also very accustomed to working with the data of other research providers. Our account teams are backed by decades of experience from other internal resources and teams, including, R&D, Knowledge, Programming and Operations.

Design Leadership


We have some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. They relish the challenges presented by our ever evolving advertising, media, product, social, etc. landscape and design solutions to meet our clients’ needs and surpass their expectations. They draw upon their depth of experience and sound research principles and we provide them with a toolbox that is absolutely second to none in the industry; cutting edge and best in class; knowledge databases, analytic tools, software engineers, data processors, support structure, and our own measures and systems that are backed by independent validation.

Operational Excellence and Dexterity


MSW Research has a long and proven heritage of research quality and excellence in execution. Our documented processes and quality control checks ensure the highest quality sampling, fielding and research data as a standard operating practice. Our investments in automation have not only reduced result delivery times but also provide increased flexibility when expedited timing is needed. These same automations fuel the competitiveness of our pricing and enable us to deliver world class marketing research at competitive prices.

In Addition

Our communications testing and in-market tracking solutions are linked with predictive performance metrics that can be leveraged globally. Our validation to business outcomes is second to none.

We have solution platforms that support both current and emerging forms of marketing communications and were the first to actively implement a 360 campaign testing approach.

We consistently use, and strive to improve, behavioral methods that capture not only the conscious impact of advertising but also the sub-conscious reactions that are more difficult for consumers to convey.  Our experienced client service teams produce reliable results and actionable insights.  We are committed to providing the highest quality data for sound decision making.

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering cost savings and more effective advertising for our clients. Case studies show that research with MSW Research has paid for itself based on improvement and efficiency in ad development.

But the most important thing we'll give you is peace of mind...

...because you know you're getting the best methodologies available AND experienced senior level analysis that you can trust. And when it comes to advertising research, when we tell you that your ad will deliver a positive ROI in the market – you can take that to the bank. This is why you can sleep at night.

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